Ring Word

The wave of the future has arrived. Have you ever listened to the radio in the car while driving. Not too often but sometimes I am sure it does happen. Have you ever heard the company adds where they shout a telephone number at you several times to be sure you’ve memorized it. Sometimes I will be driving along and hear a commercial that I actually want to call about and they shout the number off so quickly that I am at a loss of what to do. I can’t pull over on the busy interstate. Of course a pen is never available and most likely sits on the floorboard of the passenger side just out of reach.

So I do as anyone does, I recite the number over and over until I am somewhere that I can write it down. But of course a great song always comes on and I find myself singing along and that number is lost forever. Isn’t there an easier way for companies to get their numbers out there without relying on people to memorize it?

Wouldn’t it be great if they had something that could give us the number in a memorable way?

Have you heard of Ring Word? Well this is the answer…

Ring Word is a website that you can put your company’s telephone number in and link it to a “ring” word. Such as for me, I would use Authorella as my ring word, then you go on the site and look me up and the phone number and email and everything is there. One easy spot.

Let’s take it one step further. Let’s say you are at a business conference and you want to hand out your phone number so some of the contacts you have made can reach you while the event is going on. Maybe you don’t want these people having your phone number forever, or maybe you’re sketchy about giving your number out. Well Ring Word can encrypt your phone number so only you see it. This way people can call you without having access to your actual number.

How this works for me, I am going to an author event in Jacksonville, and plan on hanging with all types of fans and other authors. I would love to be able to give out my number so that people can get a hold of me throughout the weekend. But am weary of possibly giving my number out to the wrong fan, someone who might call every night at 3am asking me when my next book is releasing. Have you seen the movie Misery?

Ring Word takes care of this problem.


Grab your Ring Word today and start connecting with people. If you are a business, then you definitely need to set one up today, and stop shouting out your number on the radio or television, because honestly….you are losing clients and customers due to not being able to memorize quick enough.

We live in a lazy world, and if you have to make people work to find you…then they won’t I can guarantee that. My first publicist told me when I first started out….Be everywhere. Get onto every website, and social media site you can. Bulk up your online presence. Be anywhere that any potential reader could possibly be. And I will tell you what, that is one of the best pieces of advice I had ever received. There is an abundance of companies out there, and I bet if you think about your company, there are probably ten just like it waiting to take on your missed customers. Don’t let them, make it easy for your customers, clients, readers….whatever to find you!!! Lay your service out on a silver platter and say this is how to reach me….and make it easy.

With Ring Word, it takes the guesswork out of it for people, you assign yourself a Ring Word that your customers can remember. If you own a flower shop then have your ring word be “Flowers”

A bakery shop, your ring word can be “bakery”

You get the idea.

Sign up now and get your first Ring Word Free


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  1. Claudia says:

    I have a great memory so this isn’t something I absolutely need but my fiance is terrible with numbers, dates, meetings, everything that should be memorized. This is so cool for a business, I always like it when they have personalized numbers because it shows they put a little effort into it.

    1. I agree. This is a perfect solution for many businesses. Thanks!!

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