How to keep kids entertained while you shop, dine, drive…..

I have worked in restaurants for my entire life. I have done just about every job in one too. From waiting tables to hosting, to kitchen work. I have always been in a restaurant. I also enjoy going out to eat just as much as most people, maybe even more.

Now working in a restaurant one thing that always gets me is the children who just can’t sit still and eat…hahaha wouldn’t that be nice. Now I am not saying that you are a bad parent if your child doesn’t sit still, believe me I have some horror stories of my children, and sometimes at a young age, children are full of energy.

One of my stories is when my son was a year old. Now at a year old good luck trying to talk to a child and reason with him. I was shopping at a store and he was being so good sitting in the front of the cart. Once I got into line he looked at me and reached his arms out. He tried to climb out of the cart (ok now that I think back he had to be about a year and a half). Obviously he wanted out of the cart. Which he had been so good I thought, sure why not. So I placed him down and started putting my items onto the conveyor belt. There were a few people behind me in line, and a few in the lanes next to us as well.

Well my son took one look at the candy and beelined for it. He grabbed all of the candy he could and when I went to take the candy away he wailed. Not just any type of wail, but screeched at the top of his lungs. I tried picking him up but his body flanked and he went rigid and I couldn’t grab him. He was tightening every muscle and kept his body straight and trying to bend him to pick him up was becoming challenging. The cashier told me my total, and I couldn’t even reach my purse. I was holding a rowdy toddler and he was still grabbing for candy.

The looks I got were horrible, and everyone just stared at me like I was the worst parent in the world. So I say to everyone, I understand. But sometimes while dining out, you like to relax and to just enjoy yourself and sometimes your little ones wait until the hot food comes to start acting up. Always when the hot food comes- I have seen it many times. Or maybe you are the table sitting next to the rowdy kids table and you want to enjoy yourself, don’t you wish there was a way to keep them happy.

Well I wish tablets, iphones, ipods were around when my kids were young. Savior devices as they should be called. Something to hold your child’s attention while you enjoy your meal. There is a webchannel you can subscribe to and they have cute fun videos for children to watch. Informational and interactive kids everywhere will love to watch everything they have to offer. Maybe you’d like your kids to watch while you dine. Or maybe a long road trip where kids tend to get bored, they update their videos so your kids will never be bored.

Moms and Dads love the videos because their kids are mesmerized by their format of opening, discussing and playing with toys! Here’s a link- Toy Tycoon HD

Subscribe to the channel and watch and learn with Toy Tycoon. Kids everywhere love what they are seeing, just ask my youngest…she loves it. It’s all about playing with TOYS…what kid doesn’t love TOYS!!!!! My daughter loves Simon the dog at the beginning of each video.

Watch it now….


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  1. Samantha says:

    My little one wears a cheerio necklace and keeps her busy most of the time. If I happen to forget her blankie, then I’m in serious trouble, she keeps mentioning her blankie every two seconds and most likely she’ll cry until we leave the store.

    1. I have been there many times. I love the idea about a cheerio necklace. Thanks!

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