R.J. Redlynn

About this Author RJ Redlynn is new to the writing scene but has developed quite a large body of work in a short time.  RJ currently has two Erotica books and two books in the works and due out late spring. However, RJ has a blog on Goodreads.com and also contributes stories to Dirtybitpodcast.com which…

48 Hours by Jenna Monroe

Now this story I was fortunate enough to read before its release. It is amazing!! Very Hot and sexy. It will definitely be something you will want to check out!! 

Caliente by Melissa Hale

Caliente  By Melissa Hale  Coming in August    Callie Miller just wants to have a normal life. She wants to put down roots and grow her sauce business into something her mother will finally approve of and she is well on her way to achieving her goals until Trey Cain barges into her kitchen and…

Teaser from ‘Sky Watcher’ unedited

     “Hi there.” I say. “Want to go for a walk?” “Sure” We head outside; the sun is shining, warming my chilling skin. It feels so good; I raise my head towards the sky, soaking in the suns heat. We begin to head out towards the lake, taking our time, enjoying natures sounds that…

Bare with me

Bare with me as I try to navigate the social media available out there. Just started a twitter account, https://twitter.com/AuthorElla and of course you can find me on http://www.facebook.com/ellaemerson325 Sky Watcher is set to release hopefully *fingers crossed* by the end of July. I am so excited to be able to bring this story to life….