Come and Join

So, I started a readers fan club on  Goodreads. How exciting, I know.

I know everyone wants to come and join, so please do!!

I will have unique just for my GR’s group giveaways, and maybe some parties to go along with it!

I’m excited to finally master Goodreads because for a long time I was scared of it. I’d always here about authors talking poorly about it, and felt I was finally up for the challenge.

If you’re an author, maybe you should face the obstacle head on, and don’t let anyone else determine your success.

2016 has many great things in store for me and I can’t wait to get it all started. I have decided to take the bulls by the horn and start doing the things which frighten me the most. As I head into my second year of being a published author, I’m ready to start expanding my fanbase and get my books in front of more readers.

So come and join this group which I promise will be amazing! Stay tuned for giveaways as well as sneak peeks just for my Goodreads fan club.

Click this link to enter into the amazing world of Ella Emerson on Goodreads:


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