Bare with me

Bare with me as I try to navigate the social media available out there. Just started a twitter account, and of course you can find me on

Sky Watcher is set to release hopefully *fingers crossed* by the end of July. I am so excited to be able to bring this story to life. I had thought of this story for over 6 years and couldn’t wait to write it.

‘Sky Watcher’

Allison Singleton is divorced at age 35 and destined to be alone forever, or at least that is what she believes.

Her sister is determined to find her love, so is setting her up on blind date after blind date. Allison then meets the HOT lawyer Gavin McDermott, who offers her a job she will never forget. A chicken farm? Who would do that?

She wants to try new things, so on a whim, she accepts. Follow Allison as she finds herself, her dreams, and maybe even love.

A funny, cute, and enticing tale that will leave you breathless.


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