What The Heck Is Ella Emerson Doing?

What am I doing? Is there a plan to my madness?

Yes, there is.

Let’s start off with my start as a published author. I just wrote the stories which were in my head,and didn’t care if I had a series or what. I would like to say all has changed.

Sky Watcher is my only standalone, non series book. Which will feature a holiday spinoff coming this holiday season.

As for all of my other books, let’s start discussing the series. I am currently working on 3 series.

The Playing God Series (Romantic Suspense)

The Palm Beach Princess Series (Mystery/romance/suspense)

The Random Series (Romantic Comedy)

Ok, let’s get into it shall we. I am currently with a publisher and we are re-releasing the first book of The Palm Beach Princess Series titled THE VANILLA BET. After the release in December, book two will be released titled RENDER ME SPEECHLESS.

The sandy beaches of Palm Beach, Florida is riddled with money, wealth, and power. The families who have grown up on the island located on the east coast of Florida are some of the wealthiest in the world. Naming just a few, the Kennedys, the Flaglers, and the Turmp’s. This location is a perfect spot to delve into the lives of the elite women who grow up here. The “Palm Beach Princesses” as you will call them. They are strong-willed and don’t take sh*t from anyone. They know exactly what they want, and how to get it.

So in Book One THE VANILLA BET we are introduced to Vanessa Summers, not royalty but she becomes friends with them. It weaves the tale of Vanessa and Trace as they try to figure out who and what are keeping them apart.

Book Two, RENDER ME SPEECHLESS, Maxine a pure princess has lost her boyfriend. I don’t mean they broke up, no she has lost him. She doesn’t know where he is, or if he is even okay. Panicked she starts the quest of trying to figure out what is going on. Render, her boyfriends’ brother, comes from Texas to help Maxine. But her snooty behavior is too much for this simple cowboy. But, sparks will fly. Watch for this book early in 2016.

Now onto The Random Series, the RomCom’s

Freak Out is book one and it is completely unique, fresh and invigorating. Sexy alpha-male Freak Phillips meets Chelsea and just knows he has to have her. Too bad he doesn’t tell her this, instead just sends this poor girl’s nervous system into shock every time he comes around.

Book Two is titled THE BARTENDER, featuring hot and sexy Houston Drake, bartender extraordinaire and Tenna Madison. Together these two will have loads of fun and excitement come their way.

*** If you are a fan of Freak Out then you don’t want to miss these books. They will all be written in the same style, and will pack one heck of a punch.

Okay last but definitely NOT least. The Playing God Series.

This Series is more of a Saga. It has one continuing story line throughout the entirety of the series. Each romance will be a standalone.

It is so intricately woven, and well thought out that you will definitely want to read them in succession starting with I AM ATLAS(book 1), and then onto JUST AN ECHO (book 2), and then JUST LIKE CUPID (book 3)….there will be a book 4 and 5 but they have not been titled yet.

The key main characters in these books Devlin, Matthew, Vince, will be seen in most books, and the story line really picks up at the end of Book Two. So get ready for a suspenseful series (saga) that will have you on the edge of your seat through each book.

Let’s meet the characters.

Atlas and Gwen are the couple in Book One, and they face many challenges but like I said the books can be read as a standalone.

Everest and Clara are the couple of Book Two (Just An Echo) and theirs is a sweet, heartbreaking love story.

Brian and Savannah are the couple of Book Three (Just Like Cupid) and there will be some angst and fire between these two feisty lovers.

Giana, Vince’s sister is the main character in book four. I know where her story will take her, but I don’t know the name of her love interest yet.

So stay tuned for this amazing series starting with I AM ATLAS releasing Nov. 20th 2015.

The Vanilla Bet will re-release in December, and we will get this series started.

Watch for more Random Series books as well, with The Bartender releasing in December.

Any questions…..just ask.


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