Autistic Blessings and Bipolar Me by EJ Plows

Autistic Blessings and Bipolar Me by EJ Plows

This story is a diary type style account of EJ Plows account of raising two autistic boys while battling Biploar disorder.

Here’s the synopsis:

In February 2007 I was diagnosed with Bipolar type one after a long battle with post natal depression, where I was hospitalised numerous times. Throughout the period between 2004 to 2009 myself Noah and Moses were all given a diagnosis of something life changing, but as a mother I refused to be labelled and judged by a medical condition. I am Emma Plows; I am not Emma Plows with Bipolar.
It’s my understanding that when you discover your child is on the autistic spectrum you really need to accept the diagnosis. Accept it, let it grow and don’t hinder its development. Autistic people cannot understand how the world works like we can and have difficulty understanding how people think, but we can. We have that capacity to understand them, if we choose too we should take advantage of that capacity. If we don’t accept that our children are autistic, then we are only condemning ourselves and our children to a life of frustrating misery. Work with it, not against it, it doesn’t matter why they behave the way they do as we cannot change it, but we must find the beauty in the condition and all the positives it has to offer, if we try, it gets easier and can become very rewarding.

This book has some really great reviews. Looks like a great book.

Read more about this book here

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