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It is a common notion that our body needs essential vitamins in order to function well. In some way, it can be true but it is not just vitamins that give our body the nutrients needed. Our body needs the right amount or dose of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health. That is why you should not only take foods and supplements that contain vitamins alone but also minerals.

Zinc is one of the minerals that our body needs. It offers several benefits to the different parts of the body and to the physiological processes. In the same manner, zinc plays significant role for maintaining healthy skin and is a great help in healing some skin disorders. This mineral works in our body 24 hours and it works like a skin mechanic.

Six percent of zinc in our body is present in the skin particularly in the dermis and epidermis. According to skin physiology, this mineral helps in stabilizing the cell membranes. It can also be found in metalloenzymes that are zinc-dependent. This means that even if your body has zinc content, there is a possibility that it may deplete due to some reasons. Aside from skin problems, zinc deficiency can lead to further health issues.

There are various skin issues that are bound to happen and that is why it is important to know how to deal with them. Zinc is one of the key minerals that helps in healing wounds and repairing damaged tissues. Without this mineral, your body will find a difficult time in repairing skin damage and eventually this would compromise your health.

Minerals like vitamins are important to the development of your body and for overall health. It assists in the growth of your body at the same time taking care of it. Research recommends that zinc works best in treating skin injuries and irritations like acne, psoriasis, flaky skin and burns. This mineral can also cure and get rid of skin rashes for both babies and adults.  Read on to know how it works with different skin conditions.

  1. Acne – This is a very common skin problem that many people are complaining about at all ages- not just tennagers. Though there are plenty of products that can be used in treating acne, not all of those works effectively in repairing the skin. That is why you should look for skin care products for acne that contain zinc. This mineral has property that can reduce inflammation at the same time lessen the possibility of developing scars. Researchers consider that zinc deficiency is one of the causes of pimple and acne formation.
  2. Diaper rash – This skin condition is very common to babies and adults that are frequently wearing diapers. Wearing a diaper makes the skin insulated and a warm environment. When it becomes wet it can cause irritation and allow yeast or fungus to grow. That is why you should apply skin care product with zinc before wearing the diaper and after the appearance of irritation including weeping sensitive areas of the skin.
  3. Scalp condition – The scalp serves just like the skin. There are instances in which fungal infections and other conditions affect the scalp resulting in dandruff problems. Thus, using shampoo with zinc can help remedy the issue. Regular applications and ingestion of zinc can help eliminate the dandruff completely.
  4. Wound healing – Another benefit of this mineral is healing of wounds. You can find topical treatment and oral supplements that help in treating skin ulcers, bed sores, canker sores, cold sores and surgical incisions. Zinc stimulates the collagen production that plays essential role in healing skin wounds. It is also an important component and aids enzymes to function properly in repairing skin tissue damages.
  5. Mild astringent – Zinc offers many benefits to skin as it also works as mild astringent. This means that this mineral assists in tightening body tissues. Thus, it prevents skin inflammation. Applying zinc gluconate can prevent rashes and itchiness of skin due to dryness.
  6. Dermatitis Herpetiformis – A chronic skin disease manifested by flaky skin with stinging and burning sensation. Zinc deficiency can lead to this chronic disease and even cause other illnesses as a result of improper zinc absorption.

Moreover, zinc protects the skin from the harmful damages from over exposure to sunlight. We know that the sun emits ultraviolet rays that are harmful and can lead to skin cancer. That is why if you are frequently going out and exposing to sunlight the best thing to do is to apply sunscreen that has broad range of UV protection product that contains zinc oxide for sun blocking and zinc gluconate for healing overexposed skin.

Aside from natural healing of skin problems, zinc has other functions to our body. That is why it is important to obtain the required dose of this mineral to ensure that our body is receiving adequate amount of zinc. The required dose of zinc for an adult is at least 15 mg per day.  However, for pregnant women, adolescents and growing child the required dose increases.

This mineral also provides additional benefits to overall health as follows:

  • Makes the immune system strong

It is important to ensure that the immune system is strong so that healing of wounds can be possible. The white blood cells are vital for the immune system. That is why if the white blood cells are activated your body will be protected from viruses, infections and worse cancer cells.

  • Eating disorders

Zinc deficiency is also associated to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia because it causes loss of appetite. That is why people diagnosed with zinc deficiency are encouraged to take zinc supplement in order to cover up the deficiency at the same time restore the appetite. It is also believed that this mineral is needed so that the sense of smell and taste will function properly.

  • Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are instances in which the skin becomes dry and prone to irritations and infections. There is nothing to worry in using skin care products that contain zinc because it is safe for pregnant women as well as to the developing fetus. In fact, zinc is included in the dietary requirement of pregnant and nursing women. Adequate intake of zinc during pregnancy helps in reducing the possible complications like premature births and poor development of the baby.  Thus, to promote normal growth and development of human body, it is necessary to take this mineral. Zinc gluconate gel applied to abdomen will help reduce or eliminate stretch marks.

  • Brain booster

Aside from being effective for healing skin issues, zinc also enhances the thinking ability and memory. Zinc supplement is known to be beneficial to a person suffering from memory loss due to head injuries.

To ensure that your body is getting the required dose of zinc, the best thing to do is to consume foods that have high content of this mineral. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences that will manifest primarily on your skin. No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that some time in your life you will develop acne, skin lesions and wounds. Make sure to eat foods with zinc so that your skin problems will heal quickly. Here are some of the foods in which you can obtain zinc:

  • Liver, lamb, pork, beef and other read meats
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Oysters and other sea foods
  • Nuts including peanut butter
  • Beans, legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Fortified cereals

Zinc is available in topical or supplement form. This is commonly integrated in formulas for sunscreens that are used as topical applications. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sunlight and other pollutants that cause skin irritations. That is why if you are planning to enjoy sun bathing, make sure to apply sunscreen that has zinc content. This will spare you from sunburn and other skin complications resulting from overexposure. Zinc in digestible soluble forms offer antioxidant properties. This means that this mineral is also helpful in eliminating the toxins present in your skin internally.

Having healthy skin is significant not only for women but also for men. Though some skin issues are caused by accidents and injuries, and other problems caused by aging, zinc will help in all related conditions.  Using skin care products will not guarantee flawless and healthy skin, but zinc will give you the basic building blocks to better skin health. However, even if you are taking adequate amount of zinc there is still possibility that you will still experience skin issues from auto-immune, environment, diet, etc…

Keep in mind that no single solution will fix everything.  A good healthy diet, proper clothing, exercise, low alcohol intake, no cigarettes, low sugar intake, all play a role in healthy skin.

Though zinc is extremely helpful, make sure that the skin care product that you are using does not contain other harmful chemicals.  All natural prodcuts are recommended- after all, your skin is all natural!  Zinc has properties that facilitate quick healing of wounds and other skin problems.

Consumption of the necessary vitamins and minerals is beneficial to your health and treating skin conditions. The best way to do this is to eat foods that contain zinc in order to treat the skin condition at the same time improve the feel and look of your skin. Zinc contains nutrients that support the skin immunity and proper growth of skin cells.

Keeping your skin free from skin irritations is the key to achieve the healthy skin that you desire. Aside from zinc, other vitamins that can help in promoting healthy skin include Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  In buying skin care products you should check the label so that you will know the ingredients included in the formula. Choose product that contain zinc gluconate for topical applications to ensure that you will obtain the best possible results.

Aside from zinc, retinol is another nutrient that is acknowledged for having healthy skin. It is an animal form of vitamin A.  It is also helpful in treating psoriasis and severe acne. Likewise, it also affects the skin physiology along with zinc in promoting the epidermal differentiation, inhibiting the activity of the sebaceous glands, moderating the dermal growth and suppressing the formation of androgen.

Vitamin C and E also contribute in improving the skin health as well as faster healing of wounds and irritations. This means that you can expect better appearance of your skin because certain vitamins and minerals contains antioxidant property that prevents and treats skin damages caused by ultra violet rays.

There are many ways of treating skin conditions either by using medications or home remedies. Whatever method you may use, make sure that the products that you are using contain zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals that work best for your skin condition.  Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body and that is why it is important to ensure that all skin problems are addressed accordingly.  Zinc is just one of the trace minerals that are scientifically proven having numerous health benefits.

Barrington IL, July 10, 2013 – Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it needs to stay healthy to live well and look good. Most dermatologists treat the 15 million chronic skin patients in the US with steroids. While steroids are extremely beneficial for treating many ailments, the skin should first be treated with natural products before introducing treatments that have potential negative side effects.

Maureen Kelley (Licensed Medical Esthetician) says “Consistent steroid use for skin problems can result in thinning of the skin, allergies, resistance to steroid therapy and even Cushing’s disease” (a consistent redness caused by capillary blockage).

Natural Treatments considered to be effective are:
Hydration. Many people with skin problems are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water.
Oils. Put olive oil on your bread and eat salmon and avocados. Fish or flaxseed oil (omega 3).
Linoleic acid (essential omega 6) can be found in grape seed and sunflowers.
Vitamin C. If OJ isn’t your thing, take a supplement.
Beauty sleep. Don’t laugh, rest is critical in allowing the body to heal.
Use natural healing agents like vitamin E and Zinc. These can be taken orally, but have powerful action with the skin externally. Mixing vitamin E with a product like Epizyn topical zinc gets the healing down to a cellular level for great results.

Zinc, in products like Epizyn, have been used for centuries to help with diaper rash, ulcers, eczema and more. The Egyptians used zinc thousands of years ago to treat wounds.

Dr. Lyndal Perry reported that he used the product on three patients with ankle ulcers. “These were open ulcers, one was a venous-stasis ulcer and one was an atrophy blanche ulcer. I was tickled by the healing results.”

About Maureen Kelley- Maureen is a practicing licensed medical esthetician who has worked for plastic surgeons, dermatologists and Lancôme cosmetics for the past 20 years.

About Epizyn- Unlike other zinc skin treatments including zinc pyrithione and zinc oxide, Epizyn offers greater bio-availability and pharmacokinetic properties, offering increased systemic circulation to rapidly assist in the body’s natural capability to restore skin back to its natural state. Most do not know that 20% of zinc in the human body is contained in the skin. Sold through dermatologists and the Internet, Epizyn is the only non-steroidal zinc gluconate available on the market.

For more information contact Maureen Kelley at 866.440.4283 ext. 1820 or email at

There is an Indiegogo campaign. If you go to Indiegogo and search Epizyn you will see the campaign.


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