Surviving Twitter

Is Twitter confusing for you? Retweet, Tweet, and follow does it remind you too much of bird watching?

If you aren’t on Twitter than you may want to rethink about joining. Twitter is a great way to showcase your brand, market your product, and a great place to connect with people.

Some people fear Twitter because they don’t understand it, or they try to treat Twitter just like Facebook. Which it is nothing like it, it’s a completely different beast all together. But don’t worry, I can help you navigate Twitter and use it to your advantage.

The first thing you need to remember is that it is NOT like Facebook. Some things you might do on Twitter might possibly get you banned on Facebook. Or if not banned, blocked by other users.

Twitter is a quick burst of marketing. Something to catch someone’s eyes as they scroll through the feed. Unlike Facebook where it is more interactive, someone may stop on your page, read a few of the post and just generally hang out scrolling through the feed (which is NOT continuous). That’s a major difference to point out, Facebook does not run a continual newsfeed, they post things in your feed that think will interest you. For example if you liked someone’s post yesterday chances are that person’s post the next day will pop into your feed. Twitter on the other hand is a continual stream, so you see EVERYONE’s stuff (well everyone you follow) and then you see everything they retweet. So try to imagine your driving down a busy street and you see a bunch of different signs sticking out from the scenery with different advertisements on them. What is more likely to catch you eye?

What is the art of the RETWEET? People often ask me for help with Twitter, and the first question I always ask is how many original tweets do you post daily? Their answers are usually 1 to 2 tweets a day. Let me just say if you are only tweeting once or twice a day, you may as well just not tweet at all. I then ask them, how many times a day do you retweet other people? If there answer is less than ten a day then I first shake my head, and then start by telling them I retweet 35 times AN HOUR. maybe even more than that. But when you are first starting out, 35 times an hour is a good start. Now this usually shocks most people, but it literally takes a second to retweet. Its easier than sharing a post on FB, all you do is hit the retweet button and viola done. So it takes me about a minute or two to run down my list of retweets and I’m done. I don’t spend 24 hours a day clicking on retweeting. Also if you are that concerned about time to retweet, there are a TON of retweeting services out there. Round Team is a good one.

Now why should we retweet others? Retweeting someone else’s content helps you gain followers, which let’s face it is one of the important reasons we are on social media is to gain followers, grow a fan base, right? So the rule of thumb on Twitter if someone retweets you….then you simply retweet them back. Easy. Now don’t worry your notifications (you know the things you look over on FB) well they let you know who has retweeted you. So then just hop onto their page and retweet their content….TRY to retweet their original content….like I said try. This is why pinning a post is so important (more on this later).

Ok, so now you are tweeting and retweeting. Fun right? Pretty soon you will notice the same people you are retweeting and who are constantly retweeting you. I know personally any tweet I post is usually guaranteed about 6-10 retweets from people who are my core group. People I constantly retweet and they tweet me. Everyday that number will grow.

Another good rule to follow is if someone retweets you….you should follow them. There is another great site called unfollow. Which I love, why follow someone when they aren’t following you back? I always check people’s follow to followers ratio’s as well. What I mean by this is if I see someone with 10k followers and they only follow about 150 people, well I know they will generally not help me out with following me back, or retweeting my content. Most famous famous people have this type of follow ratio. Which I understand, but like I said famous people retweeting my content, well I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery.

The major goal of Twitter is to get people to buy your product/book/ whatever….right? Isn’t that the whole goal to every social media site? Yes, the connections are great but when we boil it down to the actual reason…..well we want to sell our stuff.

Twitter is great for this, but like I said you need to use it properly. If you think of it as someone driving down a busy street and watching all of the passing advertising signs….well then your tweets need to catch their eyes. If you only tweet your product once or twice a day or less than that, then no one will see it. That sign will be overlooked. Repetition is the key. Another good rule of thumb, tweet others 90% of the time (thru retweets) and yourself 10% of the time.

Repeat your advertising on Twitter.…I know what you’re going to say: Twitter doesn’t let us post the same thing twice.

Well get creative, change one word…..or this is a great use for tags. When I’m done writing this blog post, I will probably tweet this post to my followers about 20 or so times in the course of ten minutes. Each time I will use a different title, or maybe a different tag. A tag is easy it’s a # sign with a word after it.

If you’re an author and are using Twitter there are so many tags you should be using. #IARTG  is a great one Indie Authors Retweet Group. This is a tag that anyone can use freely, and it’s easy just add it to any tweet, and then occasionally retweet others with the same tag. To find others using the same tag just go to the search bar on Twitter and type in the tag and then everyone who has used the tag their tweets will pop up and you can go right down the line and tweet them. Remember, doing 10 tweets in 20 seconds is doable. Don’t be afraid of being spammy in that sense. Now I know what you’re thinking, if you were to post 10 status updates in 20 seconds on facebook, you’d probably be unfriended quicker than I can say jackhammer. Remember Twitter is a different beast.

Other great tags for authors include:







Use these tags, and tweet others with these tags. Remember I had mentioned a list, well most of my lists are created through my tags. I’ll use certain tags on my posts and retweet others with the same tags.

Why should I pin a post? Pinning a major marketing campaign is always a great idea. If you are running a free promotion, or are advertising a new release…then you need to pin this tweet. (pinning is easy once you tweet it you’ll see three little dots and just click on it and pin to profile page).

Now why this is so important. When you retweet someone and that person sees it, then they want to retweet something of yours. Well wouldnt you much rather have a tweet accessible for them? One that they can click on your page and just retweet your pinned post, so they dont have to search through your page for an original content post.

I’ll be honest, there are sometimes I go on someone’s page to retweet something they have, and I can’t find an original tweet anywhere. I then feel bad for retweeting something that they have themselves retweeted. So just make it easier and PIN a tweet to the top of your page. Be sure like with any social media, change it out and make it unique and basically the most important ad you have.

Now I generally spend about an hour on Twitter everyday. Sometimes less, I gain about 100 followers a day, sometimes less sometimes more. It isn’t hard if you operate it correctly. I have met many great people through Twitter. I think if you are trying to market yourself, a product….then you need to get on Twitter, and use it correctly. I know it is different than Facebook, but I promise follow these simple steps and you will see Twitter will start working for you!

Follow me on Twitter: @Authorella

Here are some other great people to follow (my core tweeters, I love these people!!

@heyitsmejoy @sugarshackbb @CPheonixRising @Lilo_Abernathy @Tammysdragonfly @KKAllen_author @BruceABorders @SusanneLeist   and so many more….get connected today and start meeting others!!!

hope to see ya around!


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