Ted Farnsworth – Scam Artist or Entrepreneur?

Ted Farnsworth

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Ted Farnsworth – Scam Artist or Entrepreneur ?


Ted Farnsworth is in the news quite frequently and because he is, sometimes you will see postings and and comments on the internet saying that Ted is a scam artist.

Everyone knows that scam artist exist and everyone knows that scam artists are ruthless in there quest for money.

What most people don’t understand who write blog post about Ted Farnsworth or anybody else who is an entrepreneur, is that most of them aren’t scam artists at all, they are strictly entrepreneurs who had a business venture or two that failed. There is nothing wrong with this, show me an entrepenure who hasn’t failed and I will show you someone who isn’t really an entrepenure.

If you Google “Donald Trump scam” you will find 410,000 results. If you Google Warren Buffett or even Bill Gates you will find people on the internet…

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