Book Obsessed Babes Author Signing Event April 15th

Jacksonville Florida will host the Book Obsessed Babes Author Signing Event on April 25th. It is at the Omni Hotel Resort in downtown Jacksonville Florida.

The line up of authors is AMAZING, and of course I will be there signing my Bestseller THE VANILLA BET.

To see a list of the many authors who will be signing:

Tickets are only FIVE BUCKS, wow, never have I seen an author event offer such affordable pricing. To get your tickets:

So if you will be or are planning on being in the Jacksonville area, please stop by and SEE ME!!! I have so many giveaways. It will be a great time, and we are bound to have tons of fun!!

So, I am planning this trip and I want to tell everyone….While planning this trip I made sure I have everything in order, have my outfits I will wear in place, swag, keychains, prizes, notebooks, square reader, and then I looked at my list and noticed….Oh crap I havent ordered my books….well can’t very well go to a signing with no books….BUT do not worry, I ordered them tonight and they are on there way! Phew, crisis averted.

Another fun thing I found while looking for packing things, Is these cute a fabulous bra cases….now men, you may want to stop reading, unless of course you have a wife/girlfriend/sister/mother who wears bras.

They are cute, I have never before seen anything like it, bra traveling cases. I hate packing bras because whenever I get to my destination they are always smushed. (is that a word?)

Do you understand how much we spend on bras just to have them crunched and unshapely when we pull them out of our luggage. My husband never believed me until I took him bra shopping with me once…and he was floored!! LOL

Check out some of the style they offer


These handy-dandy traveling cases are the perfect solution. How cute are they? I love the pink one!!!

Ok so if you are traveling and don’t want your bras to be manhandled in your luggage, then protect them with these cute, stylish cases.

Order here:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. heyitsmejoy says:

    I would totally pack up my cute boobies and come see you. Some authors I met in Vegas will be there. I will tell you which ones and you can tell them you know the girl in the Batman dress

    1. That’s awesome. These are really cute too. I wish you could be there!!!

  2. Joanne says:

    These are super cute; I like the second one more! I’m not very gifted in this department so I can get away with not wearing a bra from time to time but otherwise I’ll wear lace ones. Don’t tell me these cases work best for padded bras, I’m buying one anyway haha!

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