Check out these amazing boots.

Hot new boots made for any woman who needs something delectable!!! Check them out, I have never seen boots like this before….and I may now be a boot girl.

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If you haven’t heard I was accepted into booktrope as an author. We are working on re-releasing Sky Watcher (the two part novella series) into ONE amazing book. I am happy to revisit Allison and Luke and I plan on adding some NEW, HOT scenes. One thing about Sky Watcher is it is set in the country and Luke is a country boy.

Complete with an accent and hot cowboy boots.

While I was searching around, I found this site.

It offers some of the hottest boots I have ever seen. Sexy, sleek with a hint of country. Now normally I am not one for wearing boots, hey, I’m from Florida. But these boots are unlike anything I have ever seen before…..check them out….


How HOT is this stuff? I want it all!!!! If you love to shop or are in need of some hot cool looking boots, then this…

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