Guest Post from Linda Flanders on Guerilla Filmaking (awesome content)


My name is Linda Flanders. I have spent my life working with, and for, victims of violence, and even with those young victims who turned into offenders. I developed a violence prevention program for children using neuroscience and the process of making a movie: because even the most challenging child thought that was fun! During this process of “using movie making with children” I created a way for anyone to get a Hollywood look to their own videos; not with expensive technology but by using their own bodies. I produced a DVD to show how, saving hours of editing time and turning home movies into compelling movies. It can work with your camera, phone or tablet. Included in the DVD is how I used the work with children and a short case study of the young girl who began the journey with me and taught me how to develop this work. It’s based on human development, neuroscience and the community art form of “making movies.” I’m now working with an advocate group whose mission is to end child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness and I use this work to help tell their stories. I’m hoping you’ll use it to tell important stories too.

Thank you so much to Linda for stopping by my site today, I think this is a wonderful cause and a fascinating project to take on.

I support anyone who is trying to end child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. These issues are all too real in our society and we need to advocate more on the awareness of programs for help. I love what Linda is doing and am so glad she could be hosted on the blog today. Please check her out on here:

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