Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet

Are you in the London area??

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Are you recently thinking of updating your flooring in your house or apartment? Well first off I would like to point out that I am NO expert on flooring, or on any type of home repair. I can decorate all day long, but home repairs I usually call in the professional (and no I don’t mean my husband for he is worse than me).

If you are debating between Carpet or Hardwood Flooring then here are some things you should know.

First let’s take into account the cleaning aspect of both choices.

Sweeping is a lot easier than vacuuming. Also, unless you get a professional service to vacuum, did you know that there are still some pieces of dirt and debris that regular vacuums can’t suck up. Many times it is a constant battle trying to clean the floors appropriately. Not the case with hardwood flooring, just sweep and maybe…

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