*************Attention Authors*************


Are you seeking promotion services? We can help you over at Beautiful Promotions. We provide pretty much all promotional services. We do blog tours, cover reveals, events, just promotion, Personal Assistant, etc. We helped three authors get onto Amazon’s Bestselling List. We are good at what we do. Please email promotionsbeautiful@gmail.com for further information.

P.S. Ask us about our promotion sale!!!

TOURS: blog tours, review tours, etc. (Includes the following- HTML, recruiting blogs, organizing dates, banners, promotion on our website.) One-Week Tour: $50 Two-Week Tour: $85 One-Month Tour:$115 Cover Reveals: Just promo ad: $30 HTML: $40 BLITZ: One-Days: $30 Two Days: $40 Three Days: $50 OR 2 weeks of promotion for $50 Personal Assistant: $150 a month. Includes everything. La Carte Menu: Event- $40 extra Rafflecoper- $10 extra Thunderclap: $10 extra


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