LIGHT by Eric Rendel

Eric Rendel says,
“The novel came about because I was asked to write an authentic Jewish horror novel as this has never been done before. Yes there have been stories featuring Dybbuks, Golems and the like but there has never been a full length novel immersed in the orthodox Jewish world and based entirely on Jewish mythology sourced from the Talmud, Midrash and Kabbalah. I have now started writing a science fiction novel set in the same world and regard myself now as a proponent of Jewish fantasy. I have tried to make my writing to be accessible to non-Jewish reasders too by putting a full glossary of terms used within the book and it is clear that I have succeeded as many of my positive reviews on Amazon are from non-Jewish readers.
The novel is the story of Jake Tranton who is manipulated into embarking on a quest for the twelve stones that adorned the breastplate the High Priest wore in biblical and post biblical times. With these stones it is intended to control the Light that God created on the first day of creation. However an ancient evil anathema to all life that wants the Light for its own ends.”


And God Said Let There Be LIGHT – And There Was LIGHT. But what was the LIGHT and what came before the LIGHT? Jake Tranton journeys through the seven Earths of Jewish mythology searching for the answers to this riddle and he discovers that before the creation of Heaven and Earth something else was created – something else that was dark and evil and had no business to exist but exist it did and its existence is the antithesis of everything else in creation. It is an evil so dark that it can mould your mind to its thoughts and make you see and do what it wants however horrific. It is an evil so dark that not even a demon can withstand it. Can Jake stand up to the horror that is unleashed and take on this force of total evil to fulfil his Destiny? Only by harnessing God’s true Light can he hope to prevail but that Light is a force that no man may see and live.
Eric Rendel’s novel is the first fantasy that employs authentic Jewish mythology sourced from the Midrash and Kabbalah and with characters from the modern Jewish world and will provide the reader with an insight into the world of orthodox Judaism.

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