Wow look at this AMAZING artwork!!!

Andoreza Studios is proud to present a gallery showing at Canal Street Gallery.

Check out some of the art here!!!

All the artwork is up and ready to show! They have 23 paintings and a few prints on display at Canal Street Gallery in Winona Lake IN. Featuring his latest Series “Pushing the Darkness Away” Here is a statement the artist put together about the series.

“I created this series of paintings in order to give people hope. As the darkness in this world closes in on us and the storms of life pull us in every direction there can be hope found in the light. As the light breaks through these paintings so Christ can break through our lives and bring us hope and life. So enjoy these paintings and just as this series of paintings varies in the strength of storm no matter the storm in your life Christ can shine through.”

So take a few minutes to drop by the gallery and enjoy the paintings. Yes all the work is for sale and it always nice to sell a few but even if you do not purchase one they are fun to look at.

If you want to meet me at the gallery to talk about the paintings just drop me a message or mention it in the comments and we can setup a time.

You can follow the event on Facebook:




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