Cobbletown Bridge

Cobbletown Bridge

In the small community of Cobbletown, there has been a mysterious death of a teenaged girl. Perhaps from the point of view of another character, this would be a murder or missing person mystery. However, for Eric, the story is his view of the world being rocked, especially -and quite randomly it would seem to most people- in regards to the Cobbletown bridge. Grief is only half the tale, however, when magical realism moves its hand to push Eric when he doubts his dreams.

This story is absolutely free to read by blog and updated often multiple times a day. In bite sized pieces, Emma is attempting to write a novel entirely through tumblr blog posts

I think this is a clever idea to engage with readers, a free book that she updates throughout the day. Its fun to see where the story will take you. Kind of like a television show, tune in next week for the conclusion. But this story is gripping, and you really feel the emotions of Eric and feel his pain at losing his best friend.

Definitely something to check out and something to admire of Emma, to write a book this way is gutsy and innovative. I love the idea!! Let’s all check out Cobbletown Bridge, its FREE!!!

Cobbletown Bridge



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