Are you looking for more in your life?

David Sorensen is the founder at the GOD IS REAL website.

Here is his story:

As a teenager I attended Visual Arts Academy and one of my teachers told me that he only had a student like me in his class every ten years. He said I was very gifted. My goal was to become a famous and rich artist. I was dreaming about going to London, New York, Paris and living a life of luxury and fame. My creative gift paved the way for me.

But deep inside I felt empty and lonely. One day I felt so lost in this world, that I considered taking my life. That way, I thought, I could end the deep cry inside my heart for… what? I didn’t know what my heart was crying out for. When I took out a knife, and uncovered my wrist, I clearly heard a voice inside of me, say: ‘Don’t do it. GOD has a plan with your life.’ I was confused. God? I didn’t believe in God at all. I was convinced faith in God was for losers. Still, I put away the knife.

One year later I had a dramatic encounter with God . This absolutely changed my life. He became so incredibly REAL to me, that I decided to tell others about Him. That’s why I set up the website The category about Jesus Christ explains how we can in touch with God:


Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died for us to set us free from our sins. He shows us who God is and how we can become children of God. Jesus Christ is greatly adored and worshipped by the angels from heaven and terribly feared by all the demons from the realm of darkness. Jesus is the name above all names, the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords. Get to know Jesus Christ and be changed forever.

If you feel like life isn’t going the way you planned, or just need general guidance. Check out this amazing website and see how it can change your life.


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