New Beginnings

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. (Taylor Swift)


And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been. (Rainer Maria Rilke)


Did you notice what these two quotes have in common? They’re both about new



I am a firm believer in new beginnings and second chances. We all have the power to change our lives, to make every day a chance to begin again.


That is an underlying theme in Magnolia Secrets. Lainey realizes she has the chance for a fresh start in life, and love, and she desperately wants to begin again. But can she do it?


We all want those new beginnings. Most of us don’t have to deal with the same

extenuating circumstances as Lainey. But it can still be a daunting thought: Am I strong enough to do this?


You will never know unless you try. And it could be the most exhilarating, exactly-what-you-need, best decision of your life.


Author Bio

Beth Hale writes about what she knows: strong, Southern women and the men who love them. She twines believable characters, realistic circumstances, and heart-felt emotions together to create sassy, sexy contemporary romances. She draws inspiration from the everyday life problems we all face and expands them into vivid, interesting, hard-to-put-down stories.


She learned the joys of reading from her mother, and her love affair with books has only grown stronger. If she isn’t breathing life into a new character, she is trying to make a dent in her large to-be-read pile.


Beth lives in a small town in Mississippi with her own real-life hero and two children. They share the house with a variety of pets. When she is not working her “day job” as an E-911 dispatcher, you can find her curled up on her couch, with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a notebook.

Book Blurb- Magnolia Secrets

Walker and Lainey share one explosive night together, and he awakens to find her gone. Shrugging it off as just a glorious one-night stand, he accepts a new job in a new town, New Hope, Mississippi. That’s where he finds Lainey again. She just happens to be married to the Chief of Police—and Walker’s new boss.


Lainey is terrified that Walker will divulge their secret. If he does, Lainey is a dead woman. But despite the danger, she can’t forget the one passionate night she spent in Walker’s arms.


Walker demands answers from Lainey: What secret is she hiding? Why is she so afraid? And when people begin dying, he wants to get to the bottom of it. Why is the police chief trying to brush off the deaths? Why doesn’t he want Walker to work the cases? What kind of secrets is he hiding?


Drawn together, unable to deny their passion, they risk their lives. Lainey is trapped. Walker is determined to save her and uncover the truth. Can they expose the secrets before a ruthless man destroys any hope for a brighter future?

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth Hale says:

    Thank you for hosting me today, Ella.

  2. Jan Hawke says:

    There’s something so exciting and enticing about a clean slate – I love to write my own rules too, even if they’re a bit scary so I couldn’t agree more with you Beth 😀

    Thanks for having us over Ella 🙂

  3. jinlobify says:

    New beginnings is like having a second chance. I believe in it. Well done Beth as we follow you on your tour. Thank you Ella for hosting.

  4. lizgavin says:

    Thanks for hosting today’s stop, Ella. Your support is much appreciated. 😉

    Beth, very good post. I also believe in second chances. Hope you’re having fun with this awesome tour 44WillsPublishing put together. 😉 I’ll come back tomorrow.

  5. Like the idea of new beginnings (as well as new beginnings) Nice Beth and thanks to Ella.

  6. Words to live by, Beth;) Great post! Sorry I missed it yesterday:( Thanks for hosting, Ella!

  7. beemweeks says:

    Thanks for hosting Beth, Ella. Your support is so appreciated!

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