Paradise Hills by Kai Neihardt

Kai is an up and coming poet who is publishing a new book, Paradise Hills. It includes poems about addiction, recovery, life, and romance. You can check out his work at his blog and also at his publisher’s website.

Kai Neidhardt: Kai was born and raised in California, where he became an activist and musician. He later traveled to Europe and spent his formative years there. At some point he returned to California and started to write poetry. He is inspired by the people he meets and the places he has seen. Weasel Press is his first foray into publication. Some of his influences are: Pablo Neruda, Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, Dan Fante, Bob Dylan, and John Keats. Feel free to check out his work at his blog. You can also email him at

Here is one of his many poems you can find on his website:


He sits at the slot machines
His eyes red
Slumped against the chair
Pulling the lever
And again
And doesn’t notice
The cocktail waitress
The spinsters
The college students
The amateur gamblers
Which surround him
Their voices
Their laughter
Their footsteps
All he sees are the numbers
Which dance before him
He is
Dead to the world
A hand
Merely a hand

To read more works CLICK HERE


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