~~AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT~~ Chris Nguyen with his amazing book HOW TO WRITE LIKE A JOURNALIST

As everyone knows, I love to read anything that will help me to become a better writer. I feel you can never learn enough on the subject. This looks like a great book that I plan to dive right into. Like I always say, learn all you can about the art you are producing.  This book has come by at a perfect time as well, as I try to get on with the local paper. Good Luck to me and I know this book will help. I think it will help every writer whether you’re writing your first novel or 100th novel. Let’s all read this book together, and tell me what you think.

Here is a little information on this book.

How To Write Like A Journalist by Chris Nguyen.

Learn the Art of Storytelling

Insider tips from an award-winning journalist to enhance your communication and make your everyday writing awesome.

With easy-to-follow writing examples and practical exercises, the e-book is created for working professionals in any field and writers at all levels. 

5 of Many Important Skills You’ll Learn: 

  1. Captivating Your Audience. People read for insight, tips, advice, to gain a new perspective, learn something and to be entertained. They’re taking time to hear you out, so it’s only natural for them to have expectations. Your job as a writer is to give them something special in return. The impact of your writing will depend on how well you understand and connect with your readers. Learn how to win your audience. 

  2. The Power of Storytelling. Think of everything you write as a story, whether it’s an email to your boss, a press release or a slide presentation you’re delivering to potential investors. We write to influence. We share our personal perspective and provide meaning, though these reasons are less important ones. The true reason we write and communicate is to tell stories. Every chapter of the e-book is peppered with awesome tips on effective storytelling. 

  3. Keeping It Tight. Good writing is based on brevity and simplicity. People don’t have the time or patience to read wordy prose anymore. That’s what novels and autobiographies are for. In everyday writing it’s more effective to keep your writing tight. When you’re keeping it brief you’re respecting your readers’ time and giving them ideas they can absorb and remember. Find out what’s a good length for most content to keep your readers engaged.  

  4. Art of the Interview. What you write is based on good, accurate information. Your skill as an interviewer goes beyond the number of questions you ask or what you ask. The art of interviewing is about how you ask questions and your preparation that trigger great answers and a genuine connection with people. Learn valuable tips that open doors and promote good writing.  

  5. The Mechanics of Writing. Leave out words, ideas, topics and phrases that end up wasting time, ruining the flow of your writing, and confusing and frustrating your readers. It takes discipline to write well. Time and effort increase your skill, along with a decision to leave behind common mistakes and pitfalls that have become second nature. The e-book teaches you how to practice clean writing by avoiding garbage words and phrases.              

Here is one review of the book by Gary Whitlock, Creative Director and Brand Strategy Consultant | San Francisco, California

“I’m pleased to offer a hearty endorsement for Chris Nguyen’s ‘How to Write Like a Journalist’. As a creative executive with 25+ years under my belt, I’ve been in a position to lead numerous writers through the years. I only wish this book had been available sooner, because Chris has provided us with simple, step-by-step tools to identify, develop, and refine storytelling into a compelling, engaging narratives. And this ‘how to’ book walks its talk.

At the end of each chapter there’s a succinct summary, ‘key take aways’, and a simple assignment, ‘expanding your skills’, to leverage your learnings in real time. Most ‘how to’ books leave you wondering if the author actually knows how to do what they’re claiming to teach the reader; however, Chris gives the greatest evidence of his credentials via the writing style of the book itself.

Simply put, this book is a great primer for amateur and professional writers alike. I’m putting it on my ‘must have’ list to circulate to new hires and freelancers in my future professional efforts. Well done!”

If you want to read more reviews and I think you should, You can read them on Chris Nguyen’s website: http://howtowritelikeajournalist.com/


About the Author:

Chris Nguyen is a former award-winning journalist for news organizations that included the Discovery Channel, Washington Post and Associated Press.

His 2002 investigative series on youth crime received first-place national and state awards from the Scripps Howard Foundation, Associated Press News Executives Council, California Newspaper Publishers Association and Society of Professional Journalists. The stories were submitted for the Pulitzer Prize. 

After a 12-year career in journalism Chris continued his passion for writing and storytelling and entered public relations, communications and marketing. He has worked for brands that included Home Depot, Best Buy and DuPont. His favorite brand is the one he started during a break from corporate life — a snazzy little tea shop outside of San Francisco. 

Chris lives in Boise, Idaho with his family. 

Like I have said to everyone so many times before ( I feel like a broken record) “You want to be a good writer, you must practice the skill.” 

This book is a great way to do just that. With so many positive reviews, and a great synopsis… I know I plan on picking up a copy. What can it hurt….you may just learn the thing to become a best-selling novelist!!!

Here is where you can find Chris Nguyen and of course his link to this awesome sounding book:


Good Luck in writing!!


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