Keeping the New Years Resolutions

Hi there, it has been a while.

My last posts talked about releasing a blogging book in this Indie World, and yes I still plan on releasing this book real soon. After my last post, I was plagued by the flu, and boy did I have it bad. I seriously thought I was gonna die, no like really! So I am doing much better and that brings me to my point of keeping my new years resolutions.

Now normally every year I never really make any resolutions, or if I do they are abandoned the second week of January. But this year I am gonna try new things, it should be fun. When I was lying on my death bed (ok not that dramatic, but seriously I was so sick) I began to think about how I live my life, and how unhealthy I really am. So one of my resolutions is to start taking vitamins, probably a multi, and 1000 mg of Vit. C.

One thing about keeping goals is you want to make them as defined as possible, if I had just made the goal of trying to be healthier, well that is to broad and general, it is easier to keep a goal when it is well defined and specific. Instead of saying I am gonna lose weight, why not try cutting out soda as a goal. It is easier to keep and maybe it won’t be abandoned two weeks in.

Another way to make sure you are keeping these resolutions is don’t overdo it with unrealistic goals and too many goals. Yes, I want to be healthier, and I have already quit smoking (which is HUGE for me, yes I was a smoker…yucky) but now I want to be healthier, and I could have just went all in and changed my diet 100% and started an exercise regimen, and given up all the foods I love….but this is unrealistic…baby steps will get you closer to keeping your goals. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with 20 resolutions and get bogged down with major life changes which are harder to keep. Remember, you don’t have to just make one goal this new year….you can make two for January and then another two for Feb. and so on. There are no rules to making changes!!! Just do it!!

Here are my resolutions:

1. Vitamins

2. Keep up with the no smoking (it was so easy to quit when you have the flu and can’t breathe or get out of bed for two weeks)

3. Write more. (which hopefully I can enlist the help of some friends for marketing, I have sooooo many books to write and the marketing of the books is so time consuming that I need to get a plan together)

I think these three are good for now. I know everyone can keep their New Year’s resolutions if they take the time to really research why you want to achieve these goals, and make a game plan!!!

Good Luck everyone, and like I said….I am back, feeling much better, and hopefully I can publish some books soon. Sorry about falling behind, but everything got pushed a few weeks back!!!!

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