My night at work ( in a nutshell)

Ok let me start off saying, I love my job!

I work in an upscale Italian Restaurant with the fresh pressed white linen tablecloths, and fabulous food. Where the meal sometimes cost more than a mortgage payment, with a huge selection of wine, and did I mention great food.

Well, the owners of the company decided a while ago that they would offer a “happy hour” (which by the way last a whole 3 hours) for the bar area.

“Bring on the trash hour” as it should better be titled, but anyways, it does get pretty packed for the time it runs.

So tonight I got the pleasure to be in that section, and well lucky me, I get to wait on all of the nice people. (do you hear the sarcasm?)

So the tables are first come first serve, and like I said it gets pretty busy. Well, one table was just about finished and I could see the sharks lining the table, ready to bite when they got up. (which sometimes they don’t even wait for the previous people to vacate the table before they are seating themselves). Next thing I know, the table gets up and it is a mad dash for the empty table, we don’t even have time to clean these tables before someone has their paws all over it. (which of course they like to yell at us once we arrive to clean it, and take their order…..”This table is filthy, clean it now.” They say, frowning to us.).

Anyways, so the table is vacated for about 5 seconds before two groups of people have jumped for it, and then a fight ensues. One lady (an older respectable lady) begins yelling at the other group , who made it first, and calling them all types of profanities. She proceeds to get the manager, cause she feels these people have taken “her” table.

With it being first come first serve, sorry you are out of luck, you didn’t get your butt in the seat quick enough, so our managers being the nice people they are let her sit in the main dining room and get happy hour, and she just huffs and puffs and doesn’t even say thank you. Her bill was 25.00 dollars and she tipped 2.50, thanks please come again. (The nerve, I am just glad I didnt have to wait on her.)

Then right after this incident, another table complained that the bartender did not fill her wine glass up with enough wine, and had shorted her. She called him a jerk, and how dare he do this to her. So I was the lucky one appointed by management to take over the table, which she just gave me attitude after attitude on everything. Now let me mention, we pour each glass of wine as a 6 1/2 ounce pour, which any other restaurant only pours 6 ounces. 6 1/2 ounces for 5 dollars of a nice high end wine is a pretty good deal to me. Our wine glasses are huge, so of course it always looks less than a good glass of wine. ( not our fault the management went with these big glasses, I don’t remember being at the company CEO board meeting where they decided this…..I guess my invite was lost in the mail.)

Anyways, she kept giving me attitude, until finally I had to just point blank ask her, “Ma’am is there a problem? Because you don’t seem to happy.”

She tells me, “Well, I just hate that bartender.”

“Ma’am I understand that, and since you called him a jerk he has not been back. I am here to make your experience more enjoyable. So what can I do? Do you want me to beat him up?”

This gained me a small laugh from her, and she seemed fine the rest of the evening.

Let’s see oh yes, why is it that the people who come in for the happy hour are always the most rudest and always expect the servers to run high and low for them. They are sometimes just so hard to please. Take for example one lady.

She comes in by herself and sits down, I walk over and she asks for a water, with a few ice cubes and lemon. Ok, sure.

When I come back I need to then go and get her a glass of ice, – cause she likes to add ice cubes to it while she drinks it…haha. Why she couldn’t have told me this when I got her water…..I just dont know.

So I run again and get her the glass of ice, look over my shouder, and wow, I am sat two more times.

So then I take her order, and she orders a little happytizer (happy hour appetizer) and then she asks for loads of bread….cause, haha she is so hungry, giggle giggle, snort.

So I run and run get her bread, get her oil (which she forgot to mention when I went to get her bread) and then her bill turns out to be $4.75, and she leaves a 5 dollar bill on the table. Thanks….

For people who complain about getting bad service when they go out to eat….I would like to mention this to you…

Look at how much you are spending, we prioritize our tables, if I have one table who’s bill is over 100 dollars, and then another table who’s bill is 4 dollars…..uh, yeah you guessed it, I know who my top priority table is going to be.

And as much as you would like to complain, and maybe this post will piss some people off, but understand this. This is MY job, I pay my bills, my car, my kids clothes, my food, everything with this money. So bending over backwards, and wasting my time for a lady who left me 25cents, as opposed to taking better care of a table who by the way left me a 45 dollar tip….well which would you do? exactly!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am nice to ALL of my tables, and greet everyone with the utmost professionalism, but sometimes man, I just need to vent a little.

So anyways, back to the grind tomorrow…hopefully one day soon I can quit and become a full time author!!! Hope everyone is having an awesome day, and keep writing!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Green Embers says:

    I have worked customer service on the phone side of things and I could never do what you do. I salute you and thank you for the work that you do.

    1. Thanks, it sure isn’t easy…lol

  2. rod says:

    Another Break Room Story. Sad you have to put up with this.

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