The force is not strong with this family. Halloween style!

So Halloween is upon us and I have to say I am not prepared. I have been so busy writing The Vanilla Bet that everything with Halloween has almost fallen apart.

3 weeks ago I took the kids to a HUGE Halloween store here in town. This store is packed so full of costumes that most things will never be found. (I am sure children have been lost in this store.) Anyways, we all ordered Star Wars costumes, and we were all very excited. A few days later we went back to the store and oops, hey no big deal, they forgot to put the order in….So, we put what we wanted in again….and left.

A week later I call the store to see when we can pick up our awesome costumes, well I was told to call back tomorrow and talk to Diane.

Do you see where I am going with this?? After a few more hit and miss phone calls and another drive out to the store, we were told our costumes were never ordered and now, if we ordered them it wouldnt arrive by Halloween.

So this family needs costumes, except for my son and the dog who have their Star Wars costumes. My son being a Sith Lord and the dog going as Chewbacca.

So my question is this,….Should we be creative and pull things out of the closet and make a costume, or should we hit the stores of Wal-mart/Target and pick at the leftover costumes which will be hanging on the shelves. This sucks, but we need to put our best foot forward and deal with what we have. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and we will DEFINITELY be a Star Wars family next year.

Coming soon the Hodgepodge of what we can create, I will definitely post some pics of what we find in the closets or at the leftover aisle of a huge chain store.

Happy Halloween everyone! On the plus side, I have finished The Vanilla Bet ahead of schedule!! Yay, now onto revisions and editing!!!

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