What does Ella Emerson have in store for the future!!

So I have been working hard on Sky Watcher Book 2 and have just completed it the other night. Although, there is still much work to be done on it. Right now I have it sent to a few betas, who don’t mind major typos and no edits, and then onto more revisions!! I hope to have it out by October 3rd, 2014.

After the release of Sky Watcher Book 2, I will get back to work right away and finish off a half written WIP I have titled THE VANILLA BET (you can catch the first chapter at the end of Sky Watcher Book 2 or in my newsletter… http://eepurl.com/1DTeX)

The Vanilla Bet will be classified in the genre Erotic Suspense. I know kinda writing something different, but if I can be honest….I had written Sky Watcher to appease my mother. So the next few books I write will be Erotic Suspense. That is what interest me, I love a good story that has you guessing all the way through.

So The Vanilla Bet centers around Trace Weston, son to a rich business man. He is in college in South Florida where his father is shaping him into the man to take over Weston Enterprises, Inc.

Now Trace has no interest in growing up, or having any type of responsibility; so he just likes to party it up. One night while at a college party he loses a bet to his roommate Seth and has to have a month long vanilla relationship with “Vanilla Vanessa”. After meeting Vanessa he realizes there is something more about this girl that he wants to get to know. They begin dating, but will her past catch up to them? Haunted by her own demons, Trace and Vanessa must figure out who and what is trying to keep them apart.

This story is filled with humor, suspense, and of course amazing sex scenes!!! Fall in love with Trace and Vanessa in THE VANILLA BET, which will be available (hopefully) by late November. It will be a standalone novel.

After The Vanilla Bet we will follow the story of Vanessa’s best friend Maxine, in THE PALM BEACH PRINCESS.

Palm Beach, Florida is home of the wealthy elite. Maxine has grown up with riches and may be a little on the spoiled side for most. With her stunning beauty she can land any guy any time, but with her hot temper and pouty ways ….can she keep them?

Maxine is dating Darren ( or should I say she thinks they are dating), but when he goes missing and his brother comes from Texas to investigate will they be able to uncover Darren’s secrets.

Wyatt is country born and from the deep south. He isn’t privy to how things work in the luxurious Palm Beach and will he be able to handle Maxine? Find out in THE PALM BEACH PRINCESS. (this story is still in the beginning stages) this one should hopefully be released after the new year, also a standalone novel.

I am also writing another story, that is so amazing, that I have to keep it a secret!!!

Stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter, where I will be sending out the first chapter of The Vanilla Bet soon!!!


As always a few marketing tips for my fellow authors!

The Giveaway….

This is a great marketing tool, who doesn’t love a free book, right?

Host some giveaways on your page, have people follow your twitter to enter.

Or have them like your amazon page, and host the giveaway on Twitter….catch where I am going with this?

Blogs love to host Flash Giveaways, Sometimes I will email a blog or FB message them and say “Hey, I’ll donate a copy of my book for a giveaway and have them like my fb page (or twitter…etc).

I held a giveaway today where I contacted other authors, and had them donate their books….to enter I had the contestants like their Fb (twitter..etc) pages to enter. If ever you want to hold one of these, contact me…I will always donate!!!

Get Creative, but everyone loves a giveaway!!! Some of my most loyal fans are girls I met through giveaways, they win my book, they love it, they become a great fan and friend!!!

Good Luck everyone and keep writing.


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