A BIG Takeover event at the Pre-release PARTY for Sky Watcher Book 2

We are hosting a HUGE two days of takeovers!! We already have some AMAZING authors who have signed on to help celebrate the upcoming release of Sky Watcher Book 2.

If you are an author/blogger and you would like to sign up to do a takeover, just fill out this form:



This is one event YOU DONT WANT TO MISS!! Here is the event, which we will open up in a few days.



Like I said, this is a great way to get coverage and publicity if you are an author or blogger, to pimp out your upcoming releases or host a few giveaways!!!

There will be plenty of fun and excitement, and I am sure there will be loads of fans joining in!!

Thanks Ella


***Marketing Tip***

Do takeovers, hahaha

Seriously takeovers of a blog, or an event is a great way to reach new fans!! Just host an hour of giveaways and telling people all about you as an author, and most importantly YOUR BOOKS!!!!! 


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