~Vital Advice for any New Author~

I know I am still considered a “new” author, but I still feel I have learned some very valuable things along the way.

One thing my publicist/pa, Ruby, ( I like to refer to her as a publicist cause I feel she is very good at that aspect) is that an author must make their online presence known. You must be where ever the readers are. Blogs, Fb, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, anywhere social media can take you…make a page. Not only just make a page, but then “beef” up your page. ( As Ruby puts it). Add your links, info, bio, pictures, teasers, synopsis, blurbs, fave color,….anything you can think. You want your readers to be able to find you anywhere they look. Yes, this is very time consuming but I feel it is worth it in the long run.

I came across an author the other day, and when I went to go and look her up, I couldn’t find her. On sites I did find her, her page had no pictures. We don’t want our readers to be left wondering if they have found the right page or right person. Our readers want to connect with us, they want to see that we are actually human. So we need to make this easy for them.


Readers in this day and age have so many options to choose from when they are looking for their next great read. We need to make sure we are always in their view. That we always stand out, and this brings me to my next piece of advice….Branding.

What is Branding? Well the dictionary defines it as  …to mark with a branding iron…ok, obviously I don’t mean that definition. But Branding is to define it simply, to assign a brand name. Many authors go with pen names, or even if you are using your own name, you need to market YOUR brand. Your brand is your name, for example, my brand name is Ella Emerson and I write books. Coke is a brand name and they sell a soda beverage. Get what I mean? You need to make a brand out of yourself. How? Well that is easy, market yourself. 

When you think of Stephen King, what do you think of? Scary books, right? Now he doesn’t have to go and market each separate book. No, he can come out with a new book and you know it is a thriller. Now what if you write different genres?

That’s fine, make sure to market that in your brand. Your brand can be anything, as for me I like to personalize myself with a few key things, so everyone feels like they know me. Now I am not a master on branding, and I have to say I am still learning this one as well.

More advice, read. Us as authors, we should love to read. I know I do. If I were to become a doctor, I would probably start by reading and learning everything I can on the subject. Reading and going to writing workshops can only improve your skill. This should be a no-brainer, but sometimes people just decide, I’m gonna write a book.  If you want to be successful, I would try to master and perfect your skill. 

Lastly, write a great book. Well, duh. But no, I mean it. Contact editors, cover designers, and beta readers to help improve your work. You want your work to represent you as an author, and this means that you should take pride in your work and try your best to make it as professional as possible. I know this is hard, and I have had a few editors take me for a ride. But it is all a learning process and over time you begin to excel. 

I hope this helps some, remember engage your readers….They will read your book, you just have to show and tell them why they want to.

Good Luck authors!!! 

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