Has everyone lost their manners??

Has everyone lost their manners? Nowadays it seems everyone is rushing around trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Well somewhere along the way we have lost our sense in how to treat people. Just walk into any Wal-Mart or other big chain store and you can see what I mean. Long gone are the days where we help the older lady cross the street. Or pick up groceries for the elderly gentleman with the cane. But even more so, it seems even common courtesy has been lost on most.

I wait tables, and watching people how they act in public has become a hobby of mine. It kind of goes with the job. No longer are the days where people generally want to know how you are doing. No instead it is “Get me this quickly.”

With technology speeding things up, it is making the common man want everything else just as speedy.

In my restaurant we actually cook the food per order (as most good restaurants should) and heaven forbid if someone has to wait 13 minutes for a well-done steak. It is getting insane. People need to slow down, and be thankful for what they have. Not when I come to greet you, or say Hello in the street…I shouldn’t be bombarded with rudeness.

Now I know I live in Florida, which is basically the stomping ground of the walking dead….what I mean is, we generally have an overpopulation of elderly people. Now I know the longer and longer I have to deal with people the more and more frustrated I become, and it scares me to think that when I am 80 years old…will I be just as rude?

Will I be so over people’s stupidity that I will just grunt when someone says “Hello”?

I hope not. I hope this is not the way our society is shaping up to be. I hope some people can take a breath, relax and not be pissy when something just doesn’t go as quickly or smoothly as they expect.

 I know I am just ranting about common courtesy but come on people…have some manners, show some kindness. We have no clue as to what people are going through day in and day out.

Stop and smell the roses. Be happy that you have air in your lungs and people who love you. I don’t know if my meds are making me loopy and rantful (is that a word?). Yes, I have some great cough syrup with codeine which has been keeping me company most night.

Anyways, what I am just trying to say is calm down people!! Take a step back, and relax.  


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