Check out what this fan had to say about Sky Watcher.

I loved this 5 star review from Dawn. Have you one-clicked Sky Watcher yet?? What are you waiting for only 99 cents. 




This review is from: Sky Watcher (The Sky Watcher Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Do you know when you first open a book and start reading and get interrupted so many times but your mad because you just want to read this already? Thats how this book started and can I just say Ella Emerson is AMAZING! I just clicked with this book and it took me over! I fell fast and hard for Luke Sky Watcher. Allison and I have so many similarities its spooky how well Ella writes about her! Now let me say I read A LOT of books, but this one BY FAR has jumped to number one for me! Now when I was getting down to 90% or more on my kindle I was thinking this isnt gonna end the way I want it too……then CLIFFHANGER! Which for me is fine! I just will have a blast writing the date on my calender for her next book, impatiently stalker her pages for teasers and telling EVERYONE who will listen to get this book! Thank you Ella Emerson for opening something in me that has been closed for so long! Loved every second of this book and cant wait for part two of Al and Luke Sky Watchers story!

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